Do You Feel Stuck?


Taylor Bryant, MA & Nicole Katsaounis, M.Ed




April 1, 2020

My tires are spinning and the mud is getting thicker on my windshield. I can’t see. The harder I press the gas, the more the mud flies and the deeper I sink. I am trying so hard and I desperately need to get out of here! Have you ever felt the harder you try the more you get stuck? Maybe you thought your workload would be easier by working remotely but new regulations made your work harder. Maybe you were excited to have a break from your busy lifestyle but now you are overwhelmed and stressed by being stuck in the house with your loved ones. Maybe you are starting to see where your parenting skills have been a little lax or you’re not living in a home where you want to be. You worked so hard and now you are just stuck. Physically and mentally you are stuck where you are.

Firstly, realize this is normal feeling even when there is not a pandemic occurring and, certainly now, this feeling is now going to be exacerbated. That said, there are 5 things that you can do daily to give your mental health a boost during this time!

1Get some fresh air! Despite the weather, go outside! Even if it is just for 5 minutes. Take a walk around your yard or block. Sit outside in a chair and LOOK UP at the sky. Feel the wind or rain against your skin. Open your windows and circulate the air in your home, even if it’s a little chilly.

2Make your surroundings aesthetically pleasing! Rearrange your furniture or move your decorations to different rooms. Make sure your space is clean, tidy, and organized. Our surroundings affect our mood and having a pleasing environment can make us or break us! Doing one little thing a day will not only help you during this time of isolation but will create a better living environment for the remainder of this year!

3Get dressed 5 days a week. During this time of isolation, it is easy to fall into lazy habits. Just like how our surroundings can affect our mood, so does our appearance! Put regular clothes on and do your hair more days than not. If you’re ok with wearing shoes in your home then do that! Get yourself in a mindset where you look good !

4Find inspiration! Whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram, or Podcasts, make sure you find inspiration from multiple people and sources and check in with them daily! Maybe it’s a matter of watching people clean their homes or listening to a podcast of a topic of interest but, whatever it is, find that piece of inspiration every day!

5Invest in Yourself! Lastly, make sure you do one thing daily where you invest in yourself. Investing in yourself may be getting your finances in control or learning a new subject. Investing in yourself may be reaching out to experts in your area of interest or listening to a webinar. Investing in yourself can also include reading a book or learning to cook a new dish. Whatever it is, do one thing daily that will help you propel forward during this time of feeling stuck.

If you do these 5 things daily, you will not only survive but thrive in your life through this time of isolation and all year long! Sometimes, the best tools in life are the simplest ones. With all of the best equipment in the world, we still need a hammer to build a house and, too, sometimes the best tools to help our mental health are the most simple and we simply just have to use them!

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