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Dig deeper and allow us to be dedicated to you, your growth, and your transformations. We use our years of experience practicing therapy and serving people to provide you with life-changing breakthroughs and skills that bring abundance in countless areas of your life. Choose the time investment that is best suited for us to help you overcome challenges, avoid obstacles, feel what it’s like to live to your fullest potential, and reshape your life!

Our Packages

Individual Coaching

Thank you so much for showing interest in our individual coaching program! So often, we leave our future in the hands of random events and wishful thinking. This is why you are frustrated and have curiosity about our services, because you can feel it deep within your bones that you are meant for more from this life!

Business  Coaching

Our business coaching program offers a unique experience unlike any other business coaching program we have seen. Not only do we examine the logistics and strategy of your business, we put a heavy focus on the mindsets that have been affecting your perception and decision-making abilities.

So often, we find the areas that affect our clients in our individual coaching program will show up in the way owners and leaders run their organization and greatly impact sales, revenue, and marketing decisions. Traditionally the focus of business coaching is not on the self.  Due to this, important areas of change are often overlooked and thus long term and sustainable change is less likely to occur. Our business coaching program addresses business and individual mindsets in order to fully integrate the change agents needed to create the outcomes you desire!

At Bryant & Katsaounis, we utilize a dual coach approach, meaning each session is facilitated by both Taylor and Nicole. In this way, you are provided with double the knowledge and expertise in order to provide you with the maximum amount of fuel to ignite your change.

Sessions occur once weekly, for approximately one hour, and you can sign up for 3-6-9 or 12 months of change. Whether you are trying to stand out in a world where everyone has a platform, increase your profits, lead more effectively, or increase the health of your personal relationships our individual coaching sessions will provide you with the insight, skills, and accountability to effectively sustain long-term change.

The results our clients experience include the ability to see and understand the world differently, change the way we behave and how others perceive us, and deeply know the functions of our behavior. In these ways, our clients experience transformation through every fiber of their being and thus show up in the world differently no matter what situation they are placed in.

*All sessions are via video conferencing so you never have to leave the comfort of your home or office!

Our Partnerships


We are delighted to be supporting Seth Lewis with his 8 week course for business owners. As Mindset Coaches, we will be working with Seth to provide weekly mindset coaching for those participating in his exciting, motivational business course. Head on over to for more info.

Exploring connections between mindsets and mental health

(time: every Wednesday at 2:00pm EST)


Bryant & Katsaounis contributes to this network by showing you that you do not have to choose between science and religion, as many of us have often experienced.  We integrate cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and other evidenced-based models to gain a deeper understanding of how our brains function. We then tie in the Word of God, from a Christian perspective, to show how psychology and theology run parallel to one another.

The She Is Still Dope Network is a place for purpose-driven women to learn about a variety of topics from women of varied professional and personal backgrounds while incorporating spirituality from a Christian perspective.

If this sounds interesting to you, visit us on She’s Still Dope YouTube channel to view what theme we are delving into this month!

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